Our COVID Policy

Knockerball Xtreme is committed to keeping every participant and staff member safe during this global pandemic. To do so, we have changed our operational policies to carefully and safely accommodate each participant. Prior to the start of each event, participants are asked to answer a questionnaire regarding their exposure to Covid-19 positive cases, and/or current/recent symptoms that may be Covid-19 related. Participants are asked to sanitize their hands (hand sanitizer provided for players) prior to beginning their Knockerball session.


Between players, Knockerballs are thoroughly sanitized and air-dried. High contact points, as well as the entire surrounding interior are sanitized extensively, and extra staff are provided for events to accommodate these precautions. Because Knockerball is a physically demanding activity, masks remain optional while participating in Knockerball related activities to accommodate for the safety of individual players. If players are able to participate in games while wearing a mask, we encourage players to do so. Due to the nature of Knockerball and its associated games, players are safely socially distanced by default while wearing a Knockerball suit. Players are unable to come in physical contact with other players due to the size and volume of each inflated ball/suit.


Staff members maintain social distance during Knockerball games and activities and are required to wear masks when they are unable to do so. Thank you for your continued support as we collectively do our part to keep our community safe.